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1 Sept 2004:

Supernews, the world's biggest provider of USENET services, withdrew its IRC servers from IRCnet - Although the users loved the servers, a number of the other operatrors did nothing but complain and so the server staff had no option but to close them down - More on that one here.

10 August 2004:

Good news! Polish servers are now opening up to other countries and Polish users are now officially allowed to use servers in other countries without the Polish operators objecting. Welcome to the new Europe, Poland.

23 June 2004:

They are like busses! Not a single one for years and then loads come along at once. Yes folks, a whole bunch of new US servers are now available. There is - A server run by Supernews, which is run collectively and finally, good old Anyone not in Europe or an area served well by other servers should be able to connect to these. Incidentally, all of these servers run shared configurations so if you are bad, you will lose your connectivity to them all, be warned!

28th May 2004:

American Users will soon have some new servers - First up is which should be open to everybody in the US. Hopefully we will soon be adding a new hub and another client server. The existing US server at should still be fine as well.

21st March 2004:

Good news for UK users - We finally have a new server at -- This should accept connections from all UK users, If it doesn't, please don't complain to us. Other servers that still alsowork for the uk are: and

24th February 2004:

IRCnet is slowly upgrading to server version 2.11 - This will be done by the Operators over the next couple of months but it will almost certainly mean that the network will occasionally appear to fall to peices and things won't appear to work properly. I'd like to say it won't last for long, but that would be a lie - The best I can suggest is that you just pray to whatever gods seem convenient and hope it will all be over soon.

(It may be helpful to know that The Archangel Gabriel is the Patron Saint of Social Communication)

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